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Welcome to Our Womanhood!

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Our Womanhood is for women in ALL phases of womanhood. Whether you’re a new mom, a mom with kids who are getting older, a mom with kids out of the house, or you’re expecting. If you’re not ready for kids yet, or you are living a child-free life. If you’re career driven or a stay-at-home mom. If you’re going through menopause, you’re postpartum, or you’re just looking to reach your goals each month. Our Womanhood is a tool for every woman, and is designed to evolve with us. 


We provide the tools and resources to help you reach your goals in any of our categories, and we provide support through our Facebook community to cheer you on when you succeed, and to lift you up when you fall. It’s not just about nutrition and exercise, it’s also about self-love and mindset. The mission of Our Womanhood is to help all women, inside and out. 

What You Get in our Village

Online Workouts Accessible from Your Phone! Weekly Meal Plans Weekly Grocery Lists ​Monthly Workouts ​ Access to 1:1 development coaching with Natalie and other trainers ​Community. Village. Tribe. Call it what you will, we've got it. ​A HUGE database of healthy meals ​A HUGE database of tips for meal planning, macros, exercises ​ Ever evolving information: how to get out of debt, how to meal plan, and how to run a household budget. ​Support




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Our Womanhood provides access to an exercise library, a database of easy recipes, budgeting advice, meal plans, exercise plans, mom hacks, lifestyle advice, motivational tips, self-care suggestions, access to a community of other women, and so much more.

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Our Mission

We want to help women in all phases of womanhood who are struggling with self-confidence as they juggle motherhood, health, fitness, careers, and self-care. Our goal is to relate to women regardless of their label or season of life: whether they are pregnant, postpartum, pre-baby, post-young children, living a child-free life, or going through menopause. There are many phases of womanhood, and we strive to help women no matter which phase they are in. Womanhood is a powerful tribe, and our goal is to bring as many women into our circle as possible. We will help women by creating programs, resources, and a supportive community involved in becoming healthier physically, emotionally, and financially. We will focus on learning to love ourselves through every phase, to lean into a community of women, and to view setbacks as a learning experience while showing ourselves grace. The change we want to make is in teaching women that we are all imperfect, and that there are variations of normal. We must show ourselves grace while also following a plan to achieve the best results in becoming healthier emotionally, physically, and financially. We will know we are successful when we have created an affordable lifestyle resource for any woman that is looking for a place to call home, and finds it among our tribe.


Natalie teaches women of all ages how they can incorporate small inexpensive diet changes, and a realistic exercise regimen into their daily lives.

This is for you

This program is for you and is designed to mold to whatever goals you’re looking to achieve in terms of nutrition, exercise, motivation, finances, motherhood, self-care, self-love, and community. Share your wins as well as your losses. Find friends in our Facebook community. Have a safe place to call home that’s free of judgement. There are so many things that go into being a woman, and each phase of life offers something different. Join our tribe. This is our womanhood — thank you for being a part of it! 

Why Our Womanhood?

Because, as a busy woman, you take care of so many people.... let us take care of you!


Exercise explanations, simple and effective 20 min workouts to do at home, tips on how how to workout with kids and more!

Recipe Database

100s of Natalie's favorite healthy recipes your entire family will love.

Mom Hacks

Mom hack videos, motivational videos,  courses of life, health and fitness..and so much more.


A large community of women, supporting each other every single day.

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